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Geological Consulting

A wide spectrum of geophysical and geognostic survey solutions

  • Geophysics


  • Geognostic surveys

    Geognostic surveys

  • Structural surveys

    Structural surveys

Studio Geologi Associati T.S.T. is active in geological consulting and can provide a wide spectrum of geophysical and geognostic survey solutions.

Its geologists have managed and carried out, for public and private clients, extensive terrestrial and marine geophysical survey campaigns, coordinating several teams together and using different geophysical techniques at the same time.

In these years Studio Geologi Associati T.S.T. has supplied with its geological analysis, various projects of:

  • seismic microzonation;
  • risk mitigation planning;
  • civil and industrial engineering;
  • environmental monitoring;
  • reclamation and risk mitigation planning of archaeological areas;
  • analysis of the state of preservation of historical monuments.

From the beginning of its activities the Studio Geologi Associati T.S.T. has been involved in several geological research projects, coordinated by different Universities and Research Center located in Italy and all over the world. This allowed the geologists of the Studio Geologi Associati T.S.T. to keep always updated about the most innovative techniques of geophysical surveys and geological analysis, and provided to the firm a network of scientists and experts to consult for the study of particularly complex geological systems.