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Our ServicesGeology, Remote Survey & Sensing

Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis

Strong skills in territorial governance and management of complex geological analysis

  • Remote Sensing

    Remote Sensing

  • GIS analysis

    GIS analysis

The strong experience in Remote Sensing and GIS analysis of the Studio Geologi Associati T.S.T. has been consolidated through the years with several important projects, ranging from the territorial governance to the management of complex geological analysis such as Seismic Microzonation or Hydro Geological Hazard.

GIS services are an important instrument for the governance of the territory and Studio Geologi Associati T.S.T. can supply public administrations and private companies in territorial planning (town planning schemes, hydro geological and seismic risk schemes, waste planning scheme, coastal planning schemes) and environmental monitoring, offering consulting in projecting, updating e managing of territorial database such as cadastre, building, infrastructures, environmental studies.